Unlocking the keys

Callum April 20, 2015 0
Unlocking the keys

Hands Free Computing fills us in on how a hands-free working is becoming more viable than ever before, thanks to the application of some smart technology…

Hands Free Computing has been providing disability software and training in workplaces since 1997. The company is the UK’s leading independent provider of assistive technology and training, supplying customers across the country with help, support and advice concerning any challenges and issues they may face at workplace from living with a disability or long-term impairment.

As an equal opportunities employer, Hands-Free itself recognises the benefits of employing disabled people and has a number of disabled staff within its team who have arthritis, acquired brain injury and hearing impairments.

The company’s Head of Operations, Theresa Pruvost, has worked for Hands-Free for six years. Two years ago Theresa developed chronic neck pain and was diagnosed with arthritis. After discussing this with Managing Director Lawrence Howard, Theresa was provided with equipment and support that enabled her to carry on working.Theresa Pruvost (2)

Theresa now uses Dragon NaturallySpeaking ProAccess speech recognition software to type, in place of a keyboard. As Theresa explains, “After discovering I had arthritis I was comfortable in telling my boss, Lawrence, and my colleagues about my condition. We have always had an inclusive and open policy at Hands-Free. The company was sympathetic and supportive during my initial diagnosis and I was able attend my important medical appointments.

“I honestly don’t know how I would have continued working without the help of my Dragon Software. Typing would cause my arthritic pain to inflame and often left me in tears. Not having to use a keyboard it has made a real difference; Dragon ProAccess has changed my life, and I couldn’t be without it!

Part of my job is to visit employers and raise awareness of the benefits of employing disabled people. I am able to tell them about my own first-hand experience of being employed by an inclusive employer.”

Hands Free Computing is a proud provider of Dragon NaturallySpeaking ProAccess – an enhanced version of the Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional software developed by Nuance.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional forms the core of ProAccess package. Via the addition of extra customised commands devised by Hands-Free, a number of popular third party applications are able to interact with Dragon in a way that simply isn’t possible with other hands-free software solutions.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking ProAccess will, of course, type everything you say, thus making computers much easier to use for many. Beyond straightforward dictation and document editing, ProAccess will also let you send emails, browse the internet and carry out countless other computing tasks using just the power of your own voice.

Regardless of whether you have repetitive strain injury, dyslexia an upper body impairment or similar condition, Dragon will make it so that you use a computer safely, quickly, and above all, more productively.

Hands Free Computing is dedicated to improving individuals’ working lives. For further information on how we could help you, contact 0845 899 0880, email enquiries@hands-free.co.uk or visit www.hands-free.co.uk

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