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Callum February 16, 2013 0

Here we go again with another sampling of articles that have seized our attention over the past week…

– Needless to say, this week’s shocking events surrounding the murder of Oscar Pistorius’ fiancé, Reeva Steenkamp, and Pistorius’ subsequent arrest and court appearance prompted acres of coverage around the world.

Some pieces reflected the disappointment and anger, others placed the events within the wider debate surrounding gun controls. Naturally, it also prompted lots of revised analysis of Pistorius’ career to date – and you didn’t have to go far to find someone with a particularly provocative take. And some of the media coverage…well, perhaps the less said, the better.

– The recent release of The Sessions, and last week’s reports of care home staff in East Sussex staff facilitating meetings between sex workers and residents is continuing to prompt conversation around sex as it relates to disability. Frances Ryan explores the issues in a thoughtful piece for The Guardian

– First brought to our attention via Same Difference, this bleak, furiously written and devastating post by Gail Briggs is one of the most visceral takedowns of government policy we’ve seen in quite some time.

– Here’s a thought, courtesy of Canada’s Globe and Mail – Can a play with a mentally challenged cast be reviewed by critics in the standard way?

– The BBC Ouch! blog pays a visit to the dentist

– CQC Chief Executive David Behan talks to – “We need to do more to get our message out about what we do.

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