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Callum June 19, 2015 0
The Reading Room

The world’s ‘most lifelike bionic hand’ yet; parsing the arguments for and against austerity; the problems with farming out social care services; being bipolar in American academia; and how to brighten up a child’s eyepatch…

– Prosthetic specialist Steeper has produced a bionic hand capable of letting users handle cutlery and ride a bike.

– So there’s a big anti-austerity demonstration happening tomorrow. Now here’s the thing – George Osborne is emphatic about the need to cut back on public spending, while noted experts in the field maintain that his numbers don’t add up. So who’s right? Or could it actually be that when we debate ‘austerity policies’, we’re actually conflating two completely different arguments?

– How many disabled people are there in the world, and how does the picture vary from one country to the next? If you’re interested and have some time to spare, here are some numbers, courtesy of The Lancet and a study funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

– An interesting piece by Centre for Welfare Reform director Dr Simon Duffy on how the tendering of social care services by local authorities can damage the lives of people with learning disabilities.

– A US academic writes of the impact that bipolar disorder has had on his career: “When I brought him letters documenting my disability and the accommodations I needed in order to merely survive, my Latin professor told me that my illness was just a sign I was not strong enough or smart enough for graduate school or academia in general. In that moment I learned that silence was the unspoken rule to sneaking through the maze of graduate school with mental illness. I never spoke about it again, until now.

– It would seem that Freedom Passes on their own aren’t enough to encourage more than half of those over 65 to use public transport frequently

– BBC Ouch examines what happens when deafness becomes deafblindness.

– And finally, it turns out that an eyepatch can make for a surprisingly versatile artistic canvas

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