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Callum June 12, 2015 0
The Reading Room

Pistorius to be placed under house arrest; Lee Irving’s death treated as possible disability hate crime; the prosthetic that can feel; Assisted Dying Bill set to come before Parliament again; and how not to market a Lego product…

– August 21st will see Oscar Pistorius released from prison and placed under ‘correctional supervision’. While some have pointed out that ‘released’ doesn’t necessarily mean ‘free’, elsewhere, the announcement has met with some considerable opposition

– Disability hate crime is again in the headlines, with the reports this week of the death of Lee Irving.

– From Austria comes news of a remarkable-sounding prosthetic leg that will enable wearers to feel lifelike sensations through their foot.

– Ahead of George Osborne’s summer Budget, The Guardian‘s Aditya Chakrabortty levels both barrels at David Cameron’s previously professed policies with regards to disabled people.

– With a Private Member’s Bill by Labour MP Rob Marris in the offing, it seems that the assisted dying debate is once again on the agenda.

The Daily Mail highlights the test-resistant characteristics of seronegative rheumatoid arthritis.

– Australia’s Special Broadcasting Service looks at why employers ought to hire people with autism.

– Many of us are dimly aware of the harsh working conditions involved in the production of our modern consumer goods. Rosa Moreno’s story of how she lost both of her hands manufacturing flatscreen TV components for an LG Electronics contractor, and was offered just over £2450 in compensation, starkly illustrates just how brutal the human costs can be. Her experiences subsequently inspired the Roses for Rosa fundraising campaign for injured factory workers, details of which can be found here.

– So Lego recently added a new series of kits to its surreally stylised ‘Mixels‘ line. Said additions include one character by the name of Turg; here’s where you can read the description. It used to say something else.

– And finally, Radio 4’s Today programme finds out more about the UK’s ‘seventh highest participated team sport’ – cerebral palsy football. The full show can be found here, and the relevant item 01:43:43 in.

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