Sunrise Surprise: Mobility Specialist Helps Out With Feelgood ITV Show

Callum July 13, 2015 0
Sunrise Surprise: Mobility Specialist Helps Out With Feelgood ITV Show

Sunrise Medical tells us about its recent appearance on ITV prime time, lending a hand to accessible cycling enthusiast Rob Groves…

Sunrise Medical got its moment in the spotlight on Sunday 12th July, when we were invited to ITV Studios in London to take part in the well-known show Surprise Surprise and assist with a request from Karl Groves of Great Barr.

A sudden accident had left his father, Rob Groves, partly paralysed from the waist down and reliant on a wheelchair. Rather than focusing on the negative, however, Rob channelled his energy into cycling and helping others by launching his own disability project. To kickstart this new chapter in his life and make the project a reality he needed six specialist bikes and wheelchairs – which is where we stepped in.

PX Karen and Rob live pic

Rob Groves and Karen Darke

Helping to make a difference
After being contacted by ITV and learning of Rob’s story, Sunrise Medical was more than happy to help. Our Marketing Manager, Adrian Priest, visited the studio on the day of filming and witnessed the surprise go down brilliantly. As he tells it, “Rob was completely oblivious to what was going on. Whist telling presenter Holly Willoughby of his struggles to get the group started, on comes a fantastic selection of our Quickie products across the screen. Through utter shock and excitement, Rob was over the moon and emotionally thanked all those who had been a part of this event.”

Recalling the journey he’d made, Rob also spoke about the inspiration he drew from reading the memoir of Paralympic cyclist Karen Darke, If You Fall… Further adding to Rob’s ‘Surprise’, Karen herself made an appearance on the show.

As Adrian recalls, “It was a real honour to play a pivotal role in this exciting journey for Rob Groves, especially after everything he has been through. It was fantastic to be part of the day and meet Rob and his family – not to mention Holly Willoughby herself!”

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