Sleep better, feel healthier with Adjustamatic

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Sleep better, feel healthier with Adjustamatic

Like eating well and being active, getting a good night’s sleep is vital to our health and wellbeing. Research shows that 1 in 3 people suffer with aches and pains that stop them from getting a good night’s sleep.  Prolonged poor sleep has shown to contribute to a variety of health problems including; cardiovascular disease, arthritis and diabetes.   Inflammation, pain and the immune system all appear to be impacted to some degree by sleep and people with arthritis are almost three times more likely to report one or more sleep problems such as insomnia or excessive sleepiness.

Sleep doesn’t just reboot your system, refreshing your body and mind for the next day, it also helps to repair your body.

The growth hormone, which the body releases most often in our deepest stages of sleep, helps heal tiny muscle tears that occur naturally during the course of the day. As we age, the amount of growth hormone that is secreted declines, along with the amount of time we spend in deep sleep, although scientists aren’t sure if one causes the other.  But if your deep sleep is disrupted, your body may not secrete enough growth hormone to heal itself.

Have you considered though how by adjusting the position of your bed could provide better support and minimise joint compression, improving your sleep and providing some relief from a variety of pain symptoms?

The Heritage from Adjustamatic

The fully electric Heritage orthopaedic bed has a traditional look which suits most bedrooms while including the latest Cyclo-Therapy massage technology which offers relief from aches, pains and cramps you may experience at night.Autovariable

We always keep disability and comfort in mind and the Heritage has our built-in Easy Reach system which means when you adjust, rise and recline your head stays close to the wall meaning it is easier to reach for a drink, a book or a light on your bedside table.

All our beds come in a range of headboard styles, bed textures and colours so you customise the Heritage bed to suit the style of your bedroom.

Also available as part of the Heritage range is our Autovariable bed.  This bed allows the user to select the most appropriate height for transfers to standing, wheelchair or seat.  By profiling the bed into a sitting position and by using the optional grab rail or lifting pole the user can raise themselves from the bed.  It can also come with two independent cot sides to keep the user safe whilst in bed although these can be removed if required.  It is both safe and secure benefitting from a heavy duty steel frame and four lockable brake castors for complete peace of mind.

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