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Callum February 20, 2015 0
The Reading Room

– Could tidying your cupboards, taking out the bins, travelling to work, climbing the stairs and other such mundane activities ever be seen as inspiring? BBC Trending discusses the concept, as dubbed by the late Stella Young, of ‘inspiration porn‘.

– This (somewhat sweary) post picked up some traction on Twitter this week – it concerns of involvement of incoming WCA provider Maximus in the process of transitioning Remploy out of the public sector – otherwise known as Project Jupiter.

– The Disability News Service has been looking at how MPs’ constituency offices measure up in terms of accessibility – and it would seem that the PM’s own isn’t exactly a shining example…

– While we’re at it, disability access in work capability assessment centres wouldn’t go amiss, either…

– The Guardian‘s John Harris talks to people affected by the recent changes made to SEN system, who paint a less than flattering picture about how things have gone thus far: “The original intention was to simplify the system and put parents in control. But what you’ve actually got now is the complete reverse.

– At Madrid’s  200-year-old Museo Nacional del Prado, efforts are currently underway to make it possible for blind and visually impaired visitors to appreciate its collection of paintings.

– It dates back to last year, but here’s a thought-provoking (and rather provocatively-titled) longform article about whether technological advances could one day render the very notion of ‘disability’ itself obsolete.

– The Daily Mail reports on the increased catwalk presence of disabled models at this year’s New York Fashion Week.


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