Podiatric support from Cosyfeet

Callum January 13, 2014 0
Podiatric support from Cosyfeet

Wearing the correct footwear following a stroke can play a vital role in getting people mobile again and aiding rehabilitation.

Weak leg muscles, dizziness and medicines can compromise balance and put people at a higher risk of falls. Any supportive footwear should therefore be flat, wide-toed and supportive to help with these and other common symptoms, such as swollen feet and ankles, that can arise from the build-up of fluids caused by poor circulation and immobility.

Cosyfeet footwear is recommended by a number of health professionals, since the company’s supportive, roomy styles are specially designed to fit swollen or misshapen feet. Many of their extra wide shoes and slippers are also adjustable, enabling wearers with swollen feet to tighten or loosen them as required.

For more information, contact 01458 447 275 or visit www.cosyfeet.com

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