Callum March 27, 2015 0

px Screenshot_2015-03-06-19-44-26Who is it for?

People who are deaf and hearing impaired

What does it do?

It offers people with hearing loss a way of making real-time phonecalls , without requiring assistance from a call centre or other intermediary

How does it work?

The caller types or verbally dictates their message via a screen that looks similar to an SMS messaging app and sends it to any standard telephone number, triggering a phone call. Upon answering, the receiver will hear the message spoken aloud. The receiver can then respond verbally, at which point Pedius will convert their speech into text and display it as text on the caller’s phone.

How can I get it?

Pedius is available as a free download via iTunes and Google Play. Once signed in to the Pedius service with a Facebook or Google account, users receive a monthly allowance of 20 free minutes that can be used to call any landline or mobile number (on top of user’s own mobile operator fees); £4 gets users a further 100 minutes, while £25 buys unlimited access to the service for a year


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