Now hear this – a solution for hearing impaired parents

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Now hear this – a solution for hearing impaired parents

How do you cope when you are hard of fearing or deaf Parents of a baby? Amplicomms explains how it might be able to help…

Babies cry. It’s how they communicate hunger, pain, fear, and much more. They can feel too cold or too hot, they may need a nappy changing, need to burp or simply just feel like crying. For parents, their child’s safety is of paramount importance – yet whilst most of us will hear our babies crying at night, people who have a hearing impairment or are deaf cannot.

A regular baby monitor with an audio alert, video screen, room temperature display and other standard features will be useless if you are asleep and suffer from hearing difficulties – no amount of its flashing light is going to disturb you.

Luckily however, baby monitor technology has evolved to the point where there now are some monitors available designed specifically for deaf or hard of hearing parents. They can be used with vibrating alarms and external pads for slipping under the pillow, where they will shake a parent awake at night, as well as a flashing light system for daytime use. These added features will alert a deaf parent every time their baby is in need of attention.

PX CraigHannah&OliverButcherComfort in knowing
Craig and Hannah Butcher from Beckles in Suffolk (left) are both profoundly deaf, so knowing when 12 month old Oliver is upset, is their biggest hurdle, especially when removing their hearing aids during the night. Hannah, 37, and Craig, 34, who love gadgets and both write for the tech website Geekoid, were non-plussed at the modern equipment aimed at Deaf parents.

“After despairing at the bulky and uninspiring designs for deaf people, provided by Social Services, we lusted after the newest and sleek products that were used by hearing people,” says web developer Craig. “We had a pager that we carried everywhere, even at night time, but the receiver was plastic, heavy and used too many wires.”

Craig continues, “We are now using the Amplicomms V120, which has a built-in vibrator alert and separate vibrating pad that goes under the pillow and shakes us awake if Oliver’s crying.”

Baby Monitors for parents with hearing impairments – feature checklist

Built-in Vibrating alarm and/or a flashing light system
If you’re a deep sleeper, a flashing light system alone may not be enough to wake you; it’s safer to have a monitor that combines both a vibrating alarm and flashing light system.

External Vibrating Pad
By placing a vibrating pad connected to the monitor under your pillow, if your baby is disturbed during the night, you will be too.

Operating range
Baby monitors should have a range of at least 100 meters through walls and floors and be able to emit a warning signal when the two units are moved out of range of each other.

Sound Quality
Ensure that the monitor units offer a high degree of audio clarity, with minimal static and interference. A good monitor will also give you the ability to adjust the monitoring volume and the microphone sensitivity of the unit in the baby’s room. That way, you won’t be disturbed for every little murmur!

2-Way Communication
This is a useful facility that will let you reassure your baby without having to enter the room

Room temperature display
The ambient temperature in babies’ rooms should be maintained at between 16° and 20°C -ideally 18°.

PX Amplicomms_LogoFurther information
To find out more about Amplicomms’ baby monitoring solutions and other devices for hearing impaired users, visit; the company’s devices can be ordered in the UK via,-a-,-care-baby-alarm-with-vibrating-pad,-d-,-product-a278.aspx



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    Hi am profound deaf and am expect father and am looking for baby monitor and found the perfect one here but where can i buy vibrator pad as couldn’t found one in their website

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