Introducing the newly revamped 3:1 Jenx Multistander

Callum May 22, 2015 0
Introducing the newly revamped 3:1 Jenx Multistander

Jiraffe have introduced the newly revamped 3:1 Jenx Multistander for 2015. The Multistander now comes in two sizes and can IMG_8888_Compressed (2)provide standing support for children from 9 months (the Size 1) up to 13 years (the Size 2)! The Multistander is an incredibly versatile product that provides Supine, Prone and Upright positioning all in one product. It now comes in a new, fresh, white frame option and a range of six bright and friendly colours for the support boards. The easy to clean polyurethane boards contain an antimicrobial agent that helps keep it hygienic– ideal for busy families and making it easy for re-issue for schools and centres. Plus the new white frame makes it easy to spot spills and clean before they become hazardous, whilst the compact footprint means it fits in even the smallest of family homes.

Jenx Mennel58760 (3)Standing involves many different positions and a child might want to stand prone (tilted forward), upright or supine (supported from behind) and although each position offers specific benefits, they all offer greater weight bearing through a child’s legs which helps to strengthen bones.

The Multistander 2 can grow with a child – from the age of three up to their 13th birthday. When a child becomes too heavy to lift, the stander can be changed from prone to supine positioning and a hoist used to transfer the child whilst the frame is at horizontal. This versatility can remove the requirement for repeat assessments for new products and a likely interruption in the continuity of standing development.

Both the Multistander size 1 and size 2 are simple to use, and now come with an adjustable footplate as standard, and an improved knee support bracket too. There is also a new basic head support that provides greater support to children using the stander in Supine.Jenx Mennel58795 (4)

Even better, the Multistander size 2 has new powered and manual base adjustment options to meet the needs of the parent/carer. The powered option removes any manual handling concerns as the motor works to tilt the user to the preferred angle easily and safely, while the manual option has a more cost effective, robust winder mechanism. The stand is simple to use ensuring safe and dignified transfers for the user.

New accessories to support Multistander 2 users, include the Multigrip™ Body Support for added shoulder stability and lumbar area support and also the Jenx Waistcoat Harness for maximum trunk control.

All in all this is a unique product in terms of versatility, growth, style and funcitionality – the Jenx Multistander from Jiraffe!

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