ILS Rehabilitation Solutions

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ILS Rehabilitation Solutions

Independent Living Solutions tells us about the launch of its new nationwide rehabilitation service…

Rehabilitation Solutions – 10 teams of highly skilled therapists and consultants who are able to meet the complete rehabilitation needs of clients with minor and complex disabilities. Our professionals can provide individually tailored rehabilitation for clients in their own homes, working to goals agreed with the client, their family and carers.

• Occupational Therapy
• Physiotherapy
• Speech & Language Therapy
• Psychology
• Posture & Seating
• Moving & Handling
• Nursing Services
• Educational Consultancy

We offer nationwide services delivered by therapists who are specialists within their profession. All receive ongoing mentorship and support from the company. As we are experts in providing bespoke rehabilitation programmes, we are ideally placed to provide cost effective and client-focused rehab packages. All therapists are HPC registered.

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How we can make a difference

Posture & Seating
Our therapists adopt a 24-hour posture management approach. Clients include those who need a custom-made seating system and perhaps different wheelchair bases to enable access to home, play, leisure and work opportunities.

Moving & Handling
We work with clients and their families to enable children and adults to access care, leisure and learning activities, with architects to provide the best equipment and layout for moving and handling tasks, and with other professionals who need advice to maximise their clients’ opportunities.

Vocational Rehabilitation
Our occupational therapists work with clients to enable them to access, maintain or return to either employment or other useful occupations. They offer a graded programme of treatment to enable the client to explore his or her potential for returning to work, whether that be paid employment or voluntary work.

Occupational Therapy
We have experts in vocational rehabilitation, treatments for children and adults, home adaptations and equipment.

Treatments tailored to your own specific goals, delivered to you at home. We can offer hands-on therapy for both adults and children.

Speech and Language Therapy
Our experts in speech, language and communication difficulties are highly trained to work with people who have swallowing and eating problems.

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For more information, visit or contact Alison Barker on 01722 742 442. Our specialist therapists would be pleased to discuss your specific rehabilitation requirements in more detail.

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